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1816, “large wine bottle,” from Jeroboam, “a mighty man of valour” (I Kings xi:28) “who made Israel to sin” (xiv:16), from Hebrew Yarobh’am, literally “let the people increase.” The result only is recorded, that not only the intermediate territory fell into Jeroboam’s hands, but that Damascus itself was captured (). Most are unable to carry out in bottles larger than a magnum due to the difficulty in large, heavy bottles. Not more than a few pedal turns later the rain started, then it got heavier, then it turned to hail. Thus he became distinguished as the man “who made Israel to sin.” This policy was followed by all the succeeding kings of Israel.

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Only the tribes of and remained to form the new kingdom of Judah, loyal to Rehoboam. Thus, in the closing years of his reign, Jeroboam began to lose ground, and his failure prepared the way for his successor’s assassination and the extermination of his dynasty.

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We have a volunteer within ten miles of your requested photo location. He rescinded his arrest order and asked the prophet to pray for the healing of his paralyzed arm, which was immediately healed. Mosiman(2) Jeroboam II (), son of Joash and 13th king of Israel; 4th sovereign of the dynasty of Jehu. Fearing that the yearly pilgrimages to Jerusalem would undo all the work which he effected, he took the bold step of rending the religious unity of the nation, which was as yet unimpaired, asunder.

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The weather was glorious with the weather reports of heavy rain looking unlikely to come to fruition. Jaleco aims to offer downloads free of viruses and malware.

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The messenger bore the report that Amos had declared “Jeroboam shall die by the sword,” which Amos had not done. Mission to Amos: Toward the close of his reign, it would appear that Jeroboam had determined upon adding greater splendor and dignity to the central shrine, in correspondence with the increased wealth of the nation.

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525 et seq.) Holds “‘Am” to be the name of a deity, and gives “‘Am fights [for us].” Kittel (“Die Bücher der Könige,” p. There we are subsidiary temples and altars at Gilgal and Beersheba (; ; ).

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Jeroboam offered hospitality to the man of God but this was declined, not out of contempt but in obedience to the command of God. The cold of the night was now long since gone as I shed layers back to just the short sleeve jersey. No doubt it is a fragment of some historical work, which, after the manner of the later Midrash, has combined history and tradition, making rather free use of the historical kernel. Even so, their continued defection was not altogether due to Jeroboam’s intrigue: it had been foreordained by Yhwh as a penalty for Solomon’s idolatry (I Kings xi. The only exception would be the terminally ill Prince Abijah who, because of his integrity, would be allowed to die an honorable death — caused by his present illness.

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Easton’s Bible Dictionary Sight; aspect, the father of Jeroboam, the king of Israel (1 Kings 11:26, etc.). The meaning generally attached to the name is “[he] strives with [oppresses] the people,” or “the people strive,” the root of the first element being taken to be (comp.