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Developer: Microsoft Game Studios
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Version: v1.0
Downloads: 1073
Rating: 4.8 / Views: 3596
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Inevitably, its doesn’t feel as fresh today as they did in 2004, but the strange and beautiful world of Albion, with all its weird idiosyncrasies and wildly varied accents, is as absorbing and lovably, peculiarly British as it ever was. No discussions open for Fable Anniversary at the moment.

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Fans of the original game and local multiplayer fanatics should drop the points right now and invest in some quality nostalgia, but younger players probably won’t understand why we made such a big deal about Perfect Dark in the first place. Its morality is very simplistic and unsubtle by modern standards.

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It’s easy to feel at home in this fantastical version of England’s green and pleasant land, where the countryside goes on forever and nobody is from inside the M25, and you’re greeted by cheers and applauding admirers whenever you step into the village pub for a pint. The in-game collectibles locations for the Silver Chests are described in this detailed video guide. Be sure to sample the ADAM: guaranteed to help you rise to the occasion, although be advised over-use can lead to addiction and insanity.

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Click the banner at the top to play the file, or right click and select ‘Save Link As’ to download the file onto your hard drive. Nowhere is this better exemplified than in the extremely long and tedious Arena quest, where you must fight a sequence of mostly generic enemies that feels endless. Why not check out our on Microsoft Points and save yourself even more money?

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Not quite, but it’s still a fantastic value package that beats the tight leather pants off its full-price prequel. Thanks to asdvj at HUKD Welcome, Xbox fans, to another roundup of this week’s exciting occurences on Xbox Live Marketplace. Since we specialise in saving you money, let’s leap directly into Major Nelson’s latest Deal of the Week: a 33% saving on three classic original Xbox titles. Dodging is clumsy, and when you’re mobbed by enemies they have an irritating tendency to catch you in a hit animation loop and leave you unable to strike. The conversation tool is rather like that of the Sims of old with a selection of simple expressions on offer but no actual communication.

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Good news for franchise fans, but could these two events be leading up to a major Xbox One Fable reveal at E3? It’s a prequel of sorts that takes players back to an age when heroes ran rampant throughout the world of Albion.

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Relive the magic of Lionhead’s groundbreaking RPG with Fable Anniversary, a modern remastering of the best-selling Xbox classic now enhanced with HD graphics, almost instant loading times, an all-new interface, and more. After a couple of weeks of truly shocking XBLA deals (Gears of War avatar armour, anyone?!) It’s great to see a deal that’ll save us some decent money on some decent titles.

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Full Guide Wiki Walkthroughs none available – Videos News & Articles Game Reviews – Search here for codes. It can be completed in around 10 hours, but there’s nothing to be gained by rushing – and conversely, there’s a lot you won’t find out unless you take time to mess around and experiment.

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You can muck about with flirting with admirers in front of your spouse or getting drunk and vomiting in public or attacking people for no reason, and none of it really matters. Average User Rating: 3.92 Let me know when new content is added for this game… He began as a scrawny orphan boy but almost instantly seemed to become a rich, womanising buffoon and I don’t even know how it happened! Despite all it has going for it, I just could not connect with Fable II and gave up on it rather quickly.

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You can now go back to that fantastic adventure fully remastered in 1080p on your console. We take a peek at a few of the most popular tourist destinations of the gaming world, and give you a little taste of what fun you can expect. As part of their baffling and sudden slew of inordinately great deals, Gamestation are currently offering the Game of the Year edition of Fable 2 for the fantastic price of just £15.99 which is almost a 50% saving from the next best offering of £29.85 from . Plenty of people swear by Fable and I do intend to give it another chance sometime but for now I would suggest that you proceed with caution. Well, it might be an MMO, if job postings on Lionhead’s site are to be believed.